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What is a pastebin?
A pastebin is simply a website that allows you to enter arbitrary text that is saved onto a permanent webpage. JottCloud saves each entry of text in a Jott, which is unique because it is encrypted client-side and also supports HTML formatting.

How is this encrypted?
Your messages are all encrypted by client-side Javascript through the AES-256 algorithm. For practical purposes it's essentially uncrackable.

How does this encryption work?
It works by running Javascript code inside your browser to turn your text into encrypted ciphertext ('abcd' --> 'x2V='). This ciphertext cannot be unencrypted without the key used to encrypt it. Therefore, this ciphertext sent to the server is essentially unreadable. When you load the url given to you after you press "Save", the key is encoded after the # symbol, which is used by the client-side Javascript code to decrypt and display the original text. Everything is done inside your browser and the server never recieves the key.

What does "HTML-formattable" mean?
It means that you can use HTML tags, such as <u>text</u> to make text underlined. For more information click the "Help" button on the main page.

How do you clean your HTML?
Good question. Cleaning/scrubbing/sanitizing HTML is to delete certain functionalities and tags that can be used maliciously. Only certain tags (text formatting ones) are allowed to be used in a Jott. All other tags (script, etc.) are removed by using the Python module BeautifulSoup.